<![CDATA[Waiheke island space program - Our Rockets]]>Sat, 19 Dec 2015 16:28:10 +1300EditMySite<![CDATA[Flights]]>Sat, 05 Sep 2015 08:57:51 GMThttp://waihekeislandspaceprogram.weebly.com/our-rockets/flightsok so far we have had 3 flights/attempts to fly]]><![CDATA[Fuel research]]>Sat, 05 Sep 2015 08:46:33 GMThttp://waihekeislandspaceprogram.weebly.com/our-rockets/fuel-researchwe did 4 fuel tests on the 9 Aug 2015 and have now published it.
test 1)
14g KNO3
8g sugar
8g H2O
Basic solid fuel
Burn: average
good base to work from

Test 3)
14g KNO3
2g S
8g sugar
14g H2O
fast and explosive. possibly to explosive
Test 2)
14g ANO3
8g sugar
8g H2O
TERRIBLE, turned to a fluffy ash that is use less and extremely hot.

Test 4)
14g KNO3
8g sugar
2g C
8g H2O
Best so far, long strong and just right burn.
More coming soon!!!
<![CDATA[First Rocket]]>Mon, 15 Jun 2015 02:25:12 GMThttp://waihekeislandspaceprogram.weebly.com/our-rockets/first-rocketfirst rocket we made is just a burning rocket not a flying thing.
But from it we have got some movies of it and lots of info to be posted soon :)

see blow later for more nfo:]]>
<![CDATA[Parachutes]]>Sat, 06 Jun 2015 01:11:03 GMThttp://waihekeislandspaceprogram.weebly.com/our-rockets/parachutesSo we have come across the question of how we are going to get the rocket back and have decided on a parachute like most people do. In this post we will explain:

WHAT the parachute is and dose
WHY we need it
HOW we are going to make it.

WHAT a parachute is and dose

A parachute is a peace of normally fabric or plastic that slows the fall of an object using drag and air/wind resistance. 

WHY we need it

It is only needed to recover the rocket and its cargo so we can get any info that was obtained on the fight. we also need it for any launches near people or property, I'm think you would like it more seeing a parachute and cargo land on your roof than a flaming reck smash into your living room. :)

We also need this to please any health and safety measures and laws on flight etc...

HOW we are going to make it

To find out how big the parachute needs to be we use this equation:

sqrt ((8 m g)/(p r Cd V squared))
lets explain it
sqrt means square root (If you don't know what that is you shouldn't know about this equation)
m = mass (of cargo the parachute holds)
g = gravitational force on it (that is ~9.8)
/ = divided by
p = pi (3.14159265359 or just 3.14)
r = air density (~1.22kg/m3)
Cd = drag coefficient of the parachute (don't worry its hard to work out just put in 0.75)
V = the speed you want it to land at (about 3m/s or less!)

if you need more help comment below :)

- Daniel
<![CDATA[the plan part 1]]>Tue, 02 Jun 2015 01:47:01 GMThttp://waihekeislandspaceprogram.weebly.com/our-rockets/the-plan-part-1The project is to try to build a sugar powered rocket called a candy rocket. I will try to make the best fuel for it to reach its highest altitude and will discover different mixtures for the rockets fuel.

This means that I will have to make our OWN fuels customised to my need of getting the rocket as high as it can. This will mean we will use:math, chemistry and physics.

The candy rocket fuel must be able to push itself up, not explode, burn at the best rate and have all the extras needed for different add ons in the future.

We will need to take notes on all the different ways of doing the fuel and what changes itare needed to be made to fit the needs listed above. We will find out which fuel works best and WHY. We will need to have a fair test meaning we must take into account things such as: wind, humidity, fuel, shape, mass, etc. We will also need to film the lift offs and the in air reactions and the engines performance.

<![CDATA[what we need]]>Sun, 31 May 2015 02:34:43 GMThttp://waihekeislandspaceprogram.weebly.com/our-rockets/what-we-needhay all you may be wondering why we haven't started the "rocketing" its now down to just getting every thing together and waiting on the tools to arrive.
we are in need of a launch place and are yet to find one so this may take maybe a week.
SAFTY, being our main priority, is still a matter of discussion as we prepare for the worst as we have to just in case and its good for the team to know what to do. NOT THAT ANYTHING WILL EVER GO WRONG!!!
We are doing the theory of the launch right now and are waiting on all the info on it before we build the rocket and we need the rocket built before we can launch :).

Hope you all understand the delay :)

-Daniel ]]>
<![CDATA[Supplies for the first test]]>Wed, 27 May 2015 23:39:25 GMThttp://waihekeislandspaceprogram.weebly.com/our-rockets/supplies-for-the-first-testI have gone and got some supplies for my first test flight. The supplies i got include: Sugar, Clay, PVC pipe, wood, KNO3, and some other chemistry stuff :).

hopefully the other stuff will arrive tomorrow so we can shoot up our first rocket. The team is as excited as i am and we cant wait to launch the engine rocket.

We still need more people in the tam so remember to sign up :)

<![CDATA[How the sugar works: basics]]>Tue, 26 May 2015 09:33:06 GMThttp://waihekeislandspaceprogram.weebly.com/our-rockets/how-the-sugar-works-basicsSUGAR:

The sugar is the fuel of the rocket as I have said. The sugar(s) that is used can be different but the classic but sucrose is common and works well. Some of my rockets may contain different sugars too. Sorbitol is a good sugar that makes a nice burn and burns slow, whitch can be good or bad, and it can be use as an other part of the engine.

Sugars with 2 oxygen parts, such as fructose and glucose, are less stable and sometimes caramelize when overheated, but have a lower melting point for ease of preparation. Sugars that only have alcohol groups, like sorbitol, are much less prone to this.

Thats about it for the basics on the sugar i will ad more as time goes on:)]]>
<![CDATA[The start is now]]>Tue, 26 May 2015 09:32:09 GMThttp://waihekeislandspaceprogram.weebly.com/our-rockets/the-start-is-nowHello rocket fans and others. May 26 2015

so i have started the club and got some people in in the last 3 days and have started the plan for the first engine of the first rocket. I haven't named this rocket so give some names in the comments and it might be yours on the rocket!
Any how we have made the plan for the first rocket and it is going to be made of the sugar rocket fuel like they all are and will be ~40% sugar and ~60% KNO3 and i will tell you all the exact when we make it.

let me explain how it works in an other post :)

any how only a few days untill launch now and i cant wait to build the rocket (well finish build it) :)
To get in on the action simply send in on the contacts area :)

Happy rocketing untill next time :)]]>